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The miraculous effect of flavonoids

Huang Tong (flavone) is a general term for Huang Tong compounds, referring to a series of compounds with two phenolic rings (A- and B- rings) linked by the central three carbon atoms. The structure of flavonoids is often connected with phenolic hydroxyl groups, methoxy groups, methyl groups and other functional groups. Flavonoids (English: Flavonoid, also known as flavonoids) refers to the basic nucleus as the primary raw 2- benzene ketones, now refers to the two with phenolic hydroxyl benzene compounds through a series of three central carbon atoms connected to each other. They come from fruits, vegetables, tea, wine, seeds, or plant roots. Although they are not thought to be vitamins, they are thought to have nutritional functions in organisms, known as vitamin P: for example, antioxidants, or have some anti-inflammatory effects. Also believed to have resistance or slowed tumor formation.

The effect of flavonoids in many aspects, it is a strong antioxidant, can effectively scavenge oxygen free radicals in the body, the whole stage of overflow such as anthocyanins can inhibit lipid peroxide, prevent the oxidation capacity is more than ten times the vitamin E, antioxidant effects of this can prevent the degeneration of cells, aging. But also can prevent cancer.